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As Sonmezler Food

We Care About Food Safety.

Since food safety is at a very important point today, especially for the new generation, creating a sustainable nutrition, not losing common sense in trade and contributing to the development of society are among our most important goals.

Our quality-controlled products are stored in our cold room, where humidity and temperature controls are carried out, according to the first-in-first-out rule. Product processing, packaging and distribution stages are subject to constant inspection and we keep hourly/daily records.

Everything from Production to Consumer - Under Our Control

It is important for us that our chicken meat reaches consumers in a healthy manner. Our specially packaged products are delivered to sales points with our refrigerated vehicles under the most favorable conditions, without disrupting the cold chain.

As Sonmezler Food

Health and Hygiene - Under Control

Our chicken meat is preserved and delivered to you in a sterile environment, under the control of our veterinarians and food engineers, in an extremely healthy and hygienic manner. "We do not feed our consumers what we do not eat ourselves" is the basic motto of our employees. Our company has broken new ground in its sector by obtaining the HACCP quality certificate, which has international accreditation and proves that food safety is guaranteed in the production chain.

Health and Hygiene Are Under Our Control

Our primary goal is to deliver to you fresh products that we inspect and preserve with health and hygiene discipline, without any problems.

As Sonmezler Food

We Value Our Employees.

Our aim with the training we have been providing to our employees for years is to bring the employee's knowledge to a certain level and enable them to gain speed in some selected subjects.

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